Sunday, 30 June 2013

Origami Pixie Boots - How to

I love to make these just as a little gift to give to someone to show them how special they are. They are fairly simple once you get the idea, and look very sweet. Also, these are not of my design, someone else taught them to me, and someone, somewhere, figured out which folds were necessary to make them, to whom I am very grateful. These also look great just by themselves, without the beads joining them, which is a lot quicker, because threading the beads is the most time consuming part.
So, firstly you need:
-a piece of square paper
-a needle (optional)
-thread (optional)
-beads (optional)
 1. You now cut the paper exactly in half to create two rectangles. (or you could fold and rip it if you don't have scissors)
2. Put one rectangle aside and fold the one you have in half, taking the top to the bottom.
3. Now make it flat again and fold it lengthways, i.e. from side to side.
4. Fold each end to the centre mark, as shown in the picture.
 5. Fold each side diagonally along the centre line.
6. Fold the top half over the bottom half (this may be hard, and it won't stay flat, but that's ok and remember to reverse the paper at this stage if you are doing the second boot)
7. Following the next two pictures, fold the front flap behind itself in line with the white line.
8. Fold the corner down at the back along the white line.
 9. Fold the back flap horizontally over the boot, and then tuck it under the flap.
10. All that is left is to widen the bottom so it stands, curl up the toe and widen the top.
 Now you have completed one pixie boot!
 Repeat steps 1-10 to do the other boot, turning the paper over at step 6. Now you have two very sweet pixie boots.
11. Get a needle and thread, and thread the thread (haha) through the inside of the top of one boot.
12. Take the thread through the inside of the other boot to connect them.
 13. Now begin threading the beads.
 14. Once you have finished threading the beads, take the thread back through the first boot and the second boot, before cutting and knotting it.
 So there you have it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :) 


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