Sunday, 9 June 2013

A little fall of rain

There is something utterly wonderful about the way the rain falls. When the clouds break open and the water just .....drops. There is something truly magical about it. When the lights on the street at night catch the raindrops as they fall, undulating through the air, and then as they dance and shatter into thousands of smaller droplets when they hit the ground, I can't help but stop and stare. The rain can just fall ceaselessly, softer to heavier, calm to exhilarating, until the sky has emptied itself completely.
Rainy days, for me, are a chance to stay inside and watch a movie, snug while hearing the gentle pitter patter of the rain falling above. It always manages to put a different perspective on things.
Incidentally, while we may think of raindrops as having the typical teardrop shape, their shape is actually a reflection of the battle between gravity and the pull between the water molecules, the former trying to pull the drop apart, the latter trying to pull it together. From the moment it falls until it hits the ground, a raindrop is constantly changing shape.

Ps. I especially love the French word for rain, la pluie! It seems to capture it so perfectly to me.

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