Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Book Fair

Recently I went to the book fair in my town, where there are stacks and stacks of super cheap books. Very exciting!!! The most expensive books I bought were $3, which is really quite amazing, because here in New Zealand, a new book costs on average $25, and you're lucky if you find a good one for twenty dollars. I'm not entirely sure why books are so expensive here, but seen as the book fair only happens once a year, I had to take full advantage of it.

I found the Stardust by Neil Gaiman, which I was keen to read having seen the movie, because I always find it interesting to see how the book differs from the movie, same goes for Bridget Jones's Diary, which was a very funny movie. I am also a huge fan of Agatha Christie and so I managed to find a whole bunch of hers that were only 50c each! I love buying second-hand Agatha Christie's, it just seems more right to me than buying a new edition of one of her books, I'm not really sure why! 

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