Saturday, 3 August 2013

The hills are alive...

Little fact for you about me here, I play the piano, and I love it. I have been learning the piano for a while now, but I didn't always love it.

When I was younger, say about 9 or 10, I was having piano lessons and I would probably practice about once or twice a week. I liked playing piano just about as much as I liked saying I played piano. By this point I had also had group recorder lessons for years which also encompassed percussion instruments, meaning that I had recorder skills far beyond the normal school child! I had also had violin lessons for a year, but let's just say that string instruments do not agree with me.

My piano teacher then left to an asian country to live for two years, and I stopped playing piano, because there were no other teachers as good as her, the one she sent me on to had this irritating habit of sucking and clicking her false teeth (which may or may not have been false).

When she came back this year, I had emptied my life of all the things I was doing just for the sake of doing, which freed up my life and allowed me to do the things that I really loved (like contemporary dance!). I decided to go back to piano, because it really is such a beautiful instrument, and social too, because lots of people own them, and you can play just about anything on them. I decided not to do exams and I get to choose whichever songs that I want to play. I love it so much that I practice every day, because who wouldn't when you get to play songs like the Harry Potter theme song(!) and La Valse d'Amelie. (And carrying on from my last post, also the closing song of the movie Emma, which makes me think of dancing and the beautiful balls they had back then.) I guess what I'm trying to say is don't just do something just for the sake of it, do it because you can't wait to sit down and do it, and miss it when you go away and are unable to do it. I won't say I wish someone had told me this, because I think the only way to do this properly is to discover it for yourself (which I think about most things) but maybe someone will read this at just the right moment and it will make sense to them, but otherwise? just enjoy the story :)

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Ps. my absolute favourite song to play is Bach's Prelude 1. No matter how you play it, it sound amazing, and anybody out there who is wondering what song it is, just click on the link, I'm sure you will have heard it before, it is just one that everyone knows without knowing. If anybody is reading this, feels like commenting and plays an instrument (unlikely but possible & yes, singing counts) what is your favourite song to play?

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