Saturday, 13 July 2013

Words Worlds project no.1

As I lay awake in bed one night, I came up with the idea of covering my ceiling with a collage of words. These words would be things that get stuck in my head like songs lyrics, quotes, or just singular words. Words that I love. And so every time I add a new one to my ceiling, I will post the picture/words that I put up.
First of all is the centre-piece, the title of it all. I made this by picking some paper I liked, drawing two circles with a compass and cutting it out. Then I wrote on it in both gold and silver pens. Originally I was just going to write words on both sides of the circle, but then I realised that the word worlds is just one letter off words, and I thought that because words are like worlds, each with its own atmosphere and different aspects, I would write that on the other side instead. I blue-tacked this paper around my light, in the centre of my ceiling. The words that I make I will blue-tack to the ceiling, radiating outwards from the centre, so that if you stand in the middle, directly under the light, you will be able to turn in a full circle and read all the words. I know that it won't look perfectly elegant, blue-tacking printed/handwritten images to the ceiling, but it will be personal to me, and that's how I want it (it's my ceiling after all!).

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