Saturday, 10 August 2013

Spring has arrived!

So, here in New Zealand, spring has begun! The weather is warmer, birds are singing... I'm so excited for wearing all my summer skirts and dresses, especially this one!

But because most of the world is heading into the colder months, I thought I would share what I loved most this winter. And that was having a pile of blankets in a strategic place, so that whenever we felt a bit chilly, (or just in need of a blanket), there was one nearby to cuddle up in. These ones are so soft, I think they are called fleece throws. :)
I hope that you (yes you, behind the screen, taking time out of your day to read my blog) will have a lovely autumn/spring :) wear all your favourite clothes, enjoy the perks of the season. 
'Til next time,
Emma xx

Ps. I would like to thank Dana at for the new social media icons you see on my blog, she very kindly made free ones and showed everyone how to install them in this post :) 

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