Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tutorial: heart of words

I get bored of my walls quite a bit, and I lie awake at night thinking of ways of redecorating them, and this was one of them! The idea is that each of the words are things that you feel (in a loose sense of the word), so you could have different words if you want, i.e. music counts as a feeling to me, because I can't explain it any other way. :)
Once again, feel free to use this as inspiration and change anything you like :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tutorial: Redecorated storage - magazine files

This post stems from a recent post of mine, spring clean pt 1. It is one of the artsy posts I said I would do, and there will be more after this, when I finish tidying my room! So, without further ado...

Saturday, 12 October 2013

I felt the earth beneath my feet

I love the beach. Any beach and all beaches.

 Whether stormy, clear, sandy or rocky.

The many footprints; paths and journeys intertwined.

The sand between my toes, the gentle hiss of the waves.

The reflections of the sky; the many blues of the coast.
There is so much life, so much movement.
It is home.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Spring clean - part 1

Here in New Zealand it is spring, and my room is definitely in need of a clean out. I have a tendency to put things down in my room, thinking that I will put it in a better place later, but I never do.
The result? There is a lot of stuff that doesn't belong in my room in my room, and I am going to get rid of it! (or so I hope).
The first part of the spring clean is the getting rid of things and tidying up, and the second part is redecoration, which is the part I'm most looking forward to!
First of all, I don't get rid of old school books, yet I never refer back to them, so you think I would have cottoned on to this by now, that they need to go. This is three years worth of school books, minus a few from the first year:

When I'm tidying, I always listen to music, I find it increases my productivity tenfold. :)
One thing that I have discovered in this process is that I have a lot of craft supplies, so you can expect a few more artsy things posts coming up! I really need to start using them, otherwise they just sit there taking up valuable space.
My bedroom is not very big, but it is big enough. However because it is not very big I do have only the essentials in there, or at least I try to. :)
Moving on to the far more exciting part, I am getting ideas for how to redecorate from Pinterest, which you should definitely follow me on, because I do a lot of pinning :)

Do you have any tips on tidying your room? Do you do it very often? (I do it about once yearly)

ps. I do apologise for the randomness of this post; the disjointed thoughts. My brain just doesn't seem to want to work properly today! :)
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