Friday, 1 November 2013

Spring clean - part 2

Hey there everybody,
I have two and a half days left of school left this year!! Yay! I'm feeling pretty happy, summer is on its way, and my room is tidy! There is the small matter of exams, but best not to think about that :)
I'm super pleased that I finally got to decorate my room with presents that I actually got at the beginning of this year; it's important to let them sit in your room for a couple of months so you can get used to them.
I have found that I have been so much more productive with a tidy room, I think it helps when you can actually use your desk. As you have probably noticed I 'm feeling a bit sarcastic today, not entirely sure why that is but...
Here's my new, improved room!
ps. can you spot that I now love washi tape?
Here are my two tutorials, the magazine files and heart of words, in action!

I am so pleased it is almost summer. Admittedly there was hail today, but it's nice and sunny now in the evening. 
I love spending time with friends in summer, there's no pressure and time seems to go so slowly. The other night me and some friends went out to the movies and afterwards we ate dessert outside with blankets and candles. It was so lovely.

 So put on your favourite song, have fun with your friends and dance like crazy because you can!
Make a cake and fail completely, cry with laughter and give your little brothers a hug because they're awesome!
Be happy :)


  1. The room looks great! love the heart of words tutorial :)


    1. Thank-you! I love to re-decorate, it's a bit of a once yearly thing and I am so pleased with this year! :)

  2. Emma. I agree. I have just done a spring clean too and positioned everything into a 'summer formation'. Feels great and your posts are great :)


  3. Your room is very organised and clean. I love it.

    I can so relate when you say you feel most productive when your room is clean. I am the same, haha.

    Jes | Naturally Jes

    1. Thank-you! Unfortunately my room has not stayed very clean, but it lasted for a few weeks :)

  4. love the paper-heart! :*


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