Monday, 18 November 2013

Words Worlds Project no.4

You know how I just said in my last post that I would be doing 3 inspired/inspriational posts? Well this post is number 1.5, because it isn't one of those three, but I felt like doing this post today. I haven't done one of these posts for a while, but I have decided to get back into it, mainly because I have been thinking about this quote quite a bit recently.
via Pinterest, original source unknown
I have been using this to remind me to talk about ideas and events when I talk to my friends, because every time I have a conversation where we gossip about other people I have a weird feeling afterwards. The best conversations you have with friends are the ones where you are imagining this or that and dreaming up great plans.
I think that this is more something to aspire to, than to be like, "that person is talking about people, she/he must be small minded" because everyone talks about events, people and ideas at some point.

I'm super excited because two of my friends are considering starting blogs, which would be so exciting because I have nobody to talk to about things, like when I get super excited about getting another follower or my new header that took me an afternoon to make! Hopefully they will go through with it. :)
What do you guys reckon? (about anything I've said really)

ps. I'm halfway through my exams, yay!


  1. That quote is dead on. From my experiences "in the real world" I have found so many people will gossip about others, create drama and rumors and because of this I feel like I have never fitted in because I want to talk about the crazy ideas in my head or how I'm going to change the world. You will in time find that the world is very narrow minded and very few of us actually spend time thinking of ideas rather than other people. In fact, you are the only person I have come across who has said they want to change the world like me :)

    1. I'm sure that lots of people want to change the world, perhaps not that many set out to do it though :)

  2. love that quote

    I invite you to check out my new post, my last two designs!


  3. great roosevelt quote but I think having conversations of any kind, is worthwhile even if you just talk about your day or all the mundane things you did. actually, it is kind of hard to have any real conversations these days as people are more likely checking their phones for text messages and reading on their e-reader.

    hope your day is sweet.

    fyi - two of your 'be inspired' badges have extra text in the links - sweet like cinnamon and kayliemapie - just thought you should know

    1. Mmmm, I know exactly what you mean, my brother is the worst for not having a proper conversation, and spending his time on an electronic device!
      Thanks so much for the tip about the buttons, I don't think I would have noticed otherwise!


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