Friday, 27 December 2013

A Kiwi Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!

I thought that I would share some of the things that happen in New Zealand at Christmas, because I am always interested in how other countries celebrate Christmas. A Kiwi Christmas is so diverse, so these are rather general points.

First of all, Christmas is in the middle of summer in New Zealand. This means that lots of people go swimming, or to the beach, or on a walk on Christmas day. And most of my Christmas's have been sunny and really warm. In fact, this year it was forecast to rain where I am for Christmas, and I was like, 'but what are we going to do all day?'
Secondly, this is the New Zealand Christmas tree. (Well it is actually a rata, but it looks incredibly similar to the pohutakawa, which is the actual one)

 photo ratawxmas_zpsbf3b9e3e.jpg photo ratawreindeer_zps0215a5af.jpg

Thirdly, there is pretty much no choice in terms of advent calendars here. I swear that there is only one type of chocolate calendar that you can buy easily here, and the chocolate is not good, like really not good. The only people who buy them are little kids who don't mind, because to them any chocolate is good!
Fourthly, because it is summer, berries are a popular pudding. When I was little, my favourite part of Christmas was that you got pudding at lunchtime. :)

I hope you had a lovely Christmas; I did even if it was a bit rainy! I was very excited to get the entire Harry Potter series on Dvd :) What present were you most excited to give or receive?

Ps. Have you guys seen Frozen yet? I saw it yesterday and I feel like I enjoyed it far too much. I'm listening to the soundtrack while I write this post.


  1. I love your version of the Christmas tree! It's all perfectly green and red. Very festive and holiday-ish. In the Philippines we have the store bought plastic ones as real pines do not combat our tropical weather. It's a little cold too. No snow though. Impossible. LOL. Have a good holiday Emma!

    PS: You really made my year a memorable one. I saw your comment over Louis' blog (A Sprinkle of Glitter) where you mentioned that you had fun reading my blog. I'm not sure if you remember it though but THANK YOU SO MUCH! Also thanks for tagging me with the Liebster award. As of now I'm a little too busy but I will find time to answer those questions. It seems fun. :)

    Lovelots, Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

    1. Thank-you so much! Your comment made me so happy :). And you deserve it, your blog is amazing!
      Take your time with the Liebster award, there's no hurry :) I hope you have a good holiday too!

  2. Wow, that tree is really pretty! It's hard to imagine a summery Christmas but with the gales and wind we've had lately but sounds great! Enjoy your Harry Potter dvds! :-)

    1. It is nice, but there is certainly a part of me that longs for a winter Christmas, everything would just make so much more sense!

  3. That tree is so stunning!!! I can't imagine having a hot Christmas. I live in England and my Christmas was a rainy, windy mess!!! Still lovely being inside with a mug of hot chocolate and a blanket :-) One day I'll have to go to New Zealand for Christmas and see what it's like!!! I hope you have a happy new year


    1. You should definitely come to New Zealand for Christmas, and I will have to go to England for Christmas(if only)! Happy New Year to you too. :)


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