Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Projects!

Seasons Greetings,
So I have been up to quite a bit since school finished, and I wanted to show you guys! Most of these are Christmasy; and fairly straightforward, which is why I decided not to to any how to posts, and just trust that you can figure it out if you want to, or ask questions. :)
First of all, my friend's birthday is in December, and I wanted to make her something personal. This is just a normal canvas and cross stitch; I didn't use any patterns, I just drew it.

Secondly I made these for her dessert picnic party. I'm super excited to show them to my friends! (the recipe is from the Ripe recipe book, in case you were wondering)

Thirdly we had a go at making those balls of string you see everywhere on the internet! It didn't go too well, but we had a good laugh! My advice; you need a lot of glue even though you mix it with water, and the bigger one of ours doesn't have quite enough string to support itself, so make sure you use enough.
I hope Advent is going well for you, I am thoroughly enjoying the freedom of the holidays as I know I  won't have these big, long school summer holidays for much longer! 


  1. Ahh, thoughtful gifts for your friend. : )

    1. Thoughtful gifts are always my favourite, both to give and receive. :)


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