Friday, 17 January 2014

Introspective birthday

Hello everyone,

These days. They seem to fall into one another, tumbling and turning. The melt into each other, till you don't know which way is up and where the start ever was and where the end will ever be.
And then it is your birthday.
I turned 17 a couple of days ago, and it might as well have been any day. I struggle to understand the concept of birthdays, how a whole year that happens gradually, one day at a time, is defined and changed by one day, where you go from being a 16 year old, to a 17 year old. I guess generally it is a day where perhaps you receive gifts, and if you are lucky you can spend time with people you love.
But what my birthdays have taught me over the years is to make the best of what you've got. My birthday is in the holidays, so my friends are hardly ever there, and over the years I have ended up doing lots of things that I wouldn't have chosen to do on any day of the year, let alone the day that is supposed to be for me.
I guess because of this I have learned not to build up expectations and expect everything to go perfectly, because it never does. And because this day reminds me to not expect perfection, and make the best of what happens, I usually have one of the best days of the year.

ps. I am going on a blogging hiatus for slightly less than 2 weeks, but with my normally infrequent posts, I'm sure you won't notice the difference. :)


  1. Happy Birthday Emma! I find most holidays are like what you're describing. Ultimately they're just a day that has a lot of hype and hope attached to them, but maybe that's what it's about. Maybe the day is just the end of it all.

    I've also had a few quiet birthdays, but it's kind of nice. I think they are special because it's a day just for you and to celebrate your coming into the world. Even if you're by yourself it's nice to know that this day is yours.

    I hope you enjoyed your day :)

    1. Thank-you, I had a lovely day. Sometimes a quiet birthday is just what you need, like you say. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I consider birthdays to be place markers in the stitches of time that note when the next year's counter begins. It is smart to avoid high expectations. I've always kept mine relatively high, because my mom always made it a point to throw me a birthday party every year. That instilled an expectation that I deserve to be celebrated one day a year, at least. Sure, that sounds bratty, but it was my upbringing! (And honestly... with how the past few years have gone, I deserve a day to myself!)
    I hope your place marker day went well. I wish you many more! I enjoy reading your blog :)

    1. I had a lovely 'place marker day' thank-you. And thank-you for the comment, it made me smile. :)

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  4. Happy birthday Emma!! :-)

  5. Happy belated birthday Emma :)

  6. Happy birthday for your special day xx


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