Sunday, 2 February 2014

Pea Soup - A New Zealand Blogging Community

Hey Lovelies,
Well, I’m not Emma, but I hope you will keep reading on ‘cause I have something super exciting to tell you about!
Pea Soup.
No, not the actual Pea Soup. 

Pea Soup is a new online community for Kiwi bloggers like you and me. Created by a fellow Kiwi blogger – that would be me.
See, Emma and I got talking about how we couldn’t find any sites in New Zealand where we could connect with other New Zealand bloggers. The ones we found were either out of date or the wrong theme (meaning, we ain’t mummy bloggers).
So I said I’d make one. And I did.
But what makes Pea Soup a bit more special is that is has a private forum for bloggers to join, connect and chat to one another. I wanted to create a site where it wasn’t just a bunch of posts all about what other people had written, I wanted to create a conversation between us all, bloggers and readers; to make new friendships all over the country and find fantastic new blogs to read.
Each day I aim to have a “post of the day” which could be anyone. Pretty much whatever blog post takes my fancy that day. Gosh, I sure do have a lot of reading to do! 
There will also be features of bloggers and their sites monthly and posts here and there about me (just in case you get a bit nosy).
You don’t have to be a blogger to use Pea Soup, if you love reading blogs then head over and check out the blog directory to find more! Keep checking back for more blogs to be added and keep an eye on the home page for the “post of the day”.
Are you a blogger and want to join? Head over to Pea Soup and have a click around. Submit your blog to me so I can read it and feature you. Join the private bloggers forum and we can all get to know each other. And don’t forget to add my button to your blog, that thing took me a good couple of hours to make and work out how on earth you get that little HTML text box underneath.
I hope you will enjoy using Pea Soup and feel free to contact me any time you like. As Emma would know, I am pretty good at replying to emails ☺

Hayleigh xx
I hope you guys check Pea Soup out, I am super excited for it, I think it is going to be fantastic! (I may or may not have view the page over 50 times yesterday) Thanks for posting Hayleigh! (ps. I am secretly very happy, because this is my first guest post!)
UPDATE: this community has unfortunately come to an end, but if there are any other NZ blogging communities out there that you know about, please let me know! :)


  1. AWW wished I lived in NZ :) I belong to one in my area and its great having a blogging community

    1. Yes, it will be fantastic to finally have an up-to-date blogging community for all Kiwis! New Zealand is lovely, but trust me, there are a lot of things you would miss about the US. :)


Thank-you very much for commenting, you just brightened my day. <3

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