Friday, 28 February 2014

The city goes to bed...

There is a beautiful emptiness in the air at the moment.

As we walk home from a true spectacle in a familiar city, it seems to whisper to us. The quiet of the night is punctuated by squeaks and hisses in the darkness.
But they are not sinister. No, they are more like the city is getting ready for rest, as are we.

A gate whines eerily in the darkness, unseen. Blowing in a steady breeze is some sturdy shrubbery; the result of a permanently breathing air-conditioning unit.

The air seems to pulsate with energy. Anything could happen.
We wander through the darkness, the air still warm but a cool breeze swiftly reminding us that autumn is on its way.
I imagine the streets crowded with people. In the absence of movement and life, they seem conversely to be glaringly obvious.
And so also conversely, I feel more alive, exhilarated and yet perfectly calm in the moonlight. "The city goes to bed, and I can live inside my head."

All too soon we are back, and I feel suddenly exhausted. Tonight was a night to remember.

 photo emma_zpsa25ad91c.png


  1. What a lovely post. Your photos are really nice! I haven't seen much of the South Island--yet!

    1. Thank-you! These are actually photos from a recent trip to the North Island, but pretty much all the other photos on my blog are from the South Island, you should definitely see more of it, there is so much to see!!

  2. Gorgeous snaps Emma! I have you featured as the Post Of The Day over at Pea Soup - A New Zealand Blogging Community.

    Hayleigh xx

    1. Thanks Hayleigh! Pea Soup is so awesome :)

  3. Lovely Photos! You are a very talented writer as well, Emma!

    1. Thank-you so much Jessica!! You are an amazing photographer yourself, it is so wonderful that you do this blog link-up to share all the great photography out there. :)

  4. this is beautiful Emma.
    your writing is superb and the photos are wonderful.
    the slightly blurry streetlight lit scenes remind me of walks at night in a city like you have described
    thank you much for the uplifting comment on my blog, you are so sweet.


    1. Thank-you Abigail! This was itself a very uplifting comment, you are so lovely. :)


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