Saturday, 17 May 2014

My headspace at the moment

Hello everyone,
I am staring intently at the fire right now. It is such an odd thing, the fire, so simple.
And yet I could watch it endlessly.
I doubt it will yield any wisdom, but you never know. Perhaps slowing down and not being bothered by anything other than my own thoughts will help me process everything, if not the fire itself.

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For those of you viewing this in the future, this is continuously updating, so you are getting an up-to-date view into my head at the time you are reading this.
This is what I have been pinning recently, a look inside my head. Yes, I am developing a slight obsession with plaits and scarves. :)
How are you guys at the moment? I honestly want to know. Was your day excellent, or not so great, or just a plodding along day?
Mine was a plodding along day. One of those day where you don't really do anything of consequence.
And I guess this is a plodding along post too, but I am usually pretty good, and today I was just like, I think I am going to have a short nothing of a post for once on my blog, because it is reflecting me at the moment and it is what I feel like posting.
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  1. It's been a lazy Saturday for me Emma. My little escape into the weekend after a busy week as usual. Nothing much to think about and not very productive but nonetheless relaxing. Since it's summer out here and very very hot (plus we do not have winter so no chimneys on here) I prefer to gaze emptily into a star filled sky. I dunno it makes me feel comfortable. :)

    Oh and yes I love scarves too! Yup even without winter here. LOL.

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

    1. I love gazing into a starry sky. Just think, we could both be looking at the same time and seeing the same thing! International friends are awesome!! :)

  2. Well, today I feel pretty good. I got all of my University assignments done, which is a relief and I am content with that, so I would say today has been a productive day, yet a lazy one all at once. However, I did also clean my guniea pig cage, so it's hard to say! Overall, it has been productive and quite nice. I've had great company. Thanks for asking. :)

    I hope you're well! x

    1. That's fantastic you've got all your uni assignments done, it really is a weight off your shoulders. Cleaning your guinea pig cage is certainly productive! Wouldn't it be cool to make a list of all the things we achieve each day? I bet it's more than we think! I am well, thank-you :)

  3. Hi Emma :)
    I just found this post so very sweet. thanks for taking the time to share and ask.
    It's morning now where i am, but yesterday was definitely plodding along. It's spring here in the states, cool, sunny and bright and busy, but i'm stuck doing school and at home dealing with things. I don't have any friends since we moved (the only friend i have is in Papua New Guinea right now). And even seeing a few acquaintances yesterday, i came away just feeling sad. like, its alright, but i just kinda feel sad, you know?
    But above everything else, i just want to go. I love my state, i love my hometown and i don't want to move, but i just feel so restless and i just want to go out on a road trip... a long, long road trip to see things i've only dreamed about.
    Hope today is a better day for you, thanks for listening to all of that :)

    1. I know just what you mean, it can be so hard when you don't have true friends around. Sometimes I feel like that about travel too, and I guess the thing to remember is that home isn't going anywhere anytime fast. :) Thanks for sharing Abigail.

  4. Yes Emma! Pintrest!
    Your pins are very lovely :) I go through the same things on tumblr, hair and clothes I like, and sayings that cheer me up haha

    My day was better :)
    I'm really excited for the next few weeks! xx

    1. Pinterest is the best!! I'm glad your day was better :)

  5. Today I am catching up on the mountain of blog posts I havent yet read. Including this one! I follow too many blogs. Its a problem, but I love it!

    Pinning is the greatest way to procrastinate but also gain inspiration too. So so good!

    p.s. Melbourne is so soon!

    1. I know how you feel. There's just so many good ones out there!
      ps. So so soon!!!! So excited!!!

  6. I could stare at the fire all day ;) It's very hypnotizing. And a great form of meditation! xo

    Such pretty pins!


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