Sunday, 25 May 2014

New camera!!!! ...and some honesty

We got a new camera!!!!!
(I say we, because the camera's not actually mine, it's the family's, but I still get to use it! :) )
It's a Sony A6000, which is (apparently) just like a DSLR, but mirror less. It has the same sized sensor as some DSLRs, but it is a smaller camera. Honestly, I don't know a huge amount about camera's, I actually have no idea how it compares to a DSLR, all I know is that it is about a million times better than our old camera!!!! Anyway, I'll let the pictures show you. :)
(also, these aren't edited or anything, I don't have that much time on my hands!)

So, here's the thing.
I have this fear, scratch that, constant worry about not being interesting
enough. Not so much on my blog, because on here the is the leisure of time, but just in normal conversation. Am I funny enough, am I cool enough, am I not coming across like a complete nutter. It doesn't usually happen around my close friends so much, either, I think because I know that they like me and they voluntarily spend time around me. But with people I don't know so well, I worry about everything I say; am I saying enough? too much? was that comment really necessary?

Side tracking a wee bit, it most often happens to people I see as more popular than me. And that leads me to popularity, which I have been thinking a lot about lately. It is a fickle thing, popularity. And I think that the way it works is this. Just say that there is group A, B, and C. Now these are all groups with really awesome people, who, in their groups have tons of fun and feel included and wanted. Now, when these groups are together, we realise that the people in group C really like the people in group B, and think that they are really awesome, and perhaps slightly more outgoing and adult. But the people in group A are a bit too adult and outgoing for group C and so while they admire some of the things they do, some of the things they do seem a bit stupid to group C. Group B looks up to group A in the same way that group C looked up to group B, but group A doesn't really admire anyone, if they admired one group it would be group B, not group C. So then group C feels really unpopular because no one is trying to be their friends, but in fact they are just as cool as the other groups, just not in the same way. And of course group A doesn't really realise that there is such a thing as popularity and group B kind of does, but not that much.
Real life of course is far more complicated, and also, can you tell I attend high-school?!
Back to the original point, I think that a lot of bloggers are probably like this too, because there is such a safety in blogging, because there is no real pressure to say a super interesting and witty comment immediately, there is time, and sometimes you do respond quickly, it is just the lack of pressure that makes it easier, because you know that you could have taken as long as you needed.
I hope that makes sense, just some thoughts that have been buzzing around lately that I needed to get out. If you read it, I congratulate you!
Have a lovely week,

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  1. You are interesting Emma. Trust me. After all those emails and chitchats I'd really love to see you in person. :) And I agree popularity is such a weird thing. It's good or bad all depending on how you use it.

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

    1. Thank-you Anne, you're a true friend :) I agree with you about popularity.

  2. I honestly think your concern for being "interesting enough," is so accurate. I feel that too, especially when coming up with things to blog about or ways to keep current readers interested, or lore in new readers. I think the key especially in blogging is to find the balance between interesting and relatable and I think your on the path to finding that balance!

    Also, on popularity I think popularity is far more vital to life than people make it out to be. It really does stretch beyond the walls of high school and this is quite unfortunate, for if there are to be "populars," there have to be "unpopulars," to feed the attention.

    Great post,

    1. Yes! It can be so hard to get that balance. And popularity is indeed a very unfortunate thing. :)

  3. Wooo new camera! One of the most exciting things that can happen to a person haha
    I am almost sure I understood that haha.
    Highschool is such a rubbish time, hang in there! I wouldn't worry too much because everyone is only worrying about themselves and not paying much attention to others, I know that's easier said than done though! I am constantly trying to gauge people's reactions to the things I say. The people who are most worth your time are the ones you can be a complete version of yourself and not have to worry about being anything in particular. They can be few and far between though.

    I love you though as I'm sure many others do! and if you respect yourself in life, there is no value in what others might think :)

    I am so excited for Saturday xx

    1. Also, I had another thought while reading this!
      I feel like popularity refers to superficial connections people make with others, but the connection we make on here as bloggers and with those closer to us in our lives are a lot more complex and intricate, meaning they can't amount to popularity as they are worth more than it. If that makes sense? just a thought :)

    2. That completely makes sense Meg!! Exactly!!! Popularity only comes into play when you don't know or are only acquaintances with the person in question, I couldn't have said it better! :D

  4. I think everyone feels that way about themselves, I know I do. sometimes I think trying to be interesting just makes you uninteresting but I think it's really a preference. people will like you or they don't. you just have to try to nice and have good manners and hope no one tries to pick a fight with you. at least, that's the advice I get.

    hope you have a wonderful day.

    1. That's good advice Lissa. I think there are so many ways you can think about it, and they are all right depending on how you see things. Very interesting :)


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