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The Great Unknown - Anne

What subjects did you take in your last year of school? What were your favourite subjects?
The subjects that I took in high school included Trigonometry, Physics, English and World Literature,
Economics, Filipino (This is like English in other countries), Music, Physical Education, Home
Economics, Computer and well I guess that’s it if memory serves me right. Oh gosh. This was so five
years ago! Overall my favorite would have to be English because my teacher back then was the best
storyteller I have ever met. She was also one of the first few people who told me I had a knack for
writing and gave me the push I needed to apply for the school paper.

What did you do in your first year after leaving school?
Gap years aren’t common from where I live and I didn’t know they existed until last year when I saw
this YouTube channel called Jacksgap. LOL. I basically went straight to university.

Did you do any tertiary education? If so, what was it?
Yes I did. I took a Bachelor’s degree in Management Accountancy which is a four year course. I have
always wanted to go corporate but I didn’t exactly know then what field I wanted. After talking over
with my mom about the options available, I decided to get one that’s both practical and commerce
related so I took it. Luckily, my best friend was thinking of the same course too so we went to uni

If you have had more than one job since you left school, what were they?
Just a mere eight days after my uni graduation someone offered me a job as a freelance writer. I know
it is a far cry from the degree I graduated from but writing is my passion too so I gave it a try. I’ve
been doing it for more than a year now and it serves as my so called sideline job. I do it during my
free time which is usually the time I get home from my regular day job. I know I sound like a busy
bee. I hope I’m not boring you. Hohoho. I love it because it gets my mind abuzz. I get to learn a lot of
things and best of all I get to write. Oh and yes I was also an accounting intern at a Philippine
company that had restaurants, music shops and schools to name a few under its belt. I had so much
fun there especially that my supervisor became a good friend and a mentor to me up until now. I must
say that I have learned a lot during my stay there.

What job are you doing at the moment and what does it entail? Do you enjoy it?
At the moment I work as an internal auditor. It has a lot to do with financials and stuff. It’s quite
challenging and that’s what I like about it. I know this could sound weird but I like doing things that
people initially assume I can’t. I just like proving them and even myself wrong that I could in fact do
it. Plus, I do get to travel sometimes which is something I like very much.

What job do you want to be doing at the moment?
At the moment I’m happy where I am. I’ve only been a year out of Uni so I’m looking forward to
whatever adventure lies ahead. I like to take it one step at a time and enjoy the ride. Besides I can
never go back in time so I might as well enjoy it.

Do you have any regrets? Or any advice?
I think everyone has regrets. I would say being too much of a workaholic would be mine. I was always so focused and busy that I forget to let loose and have fun sometimes. When you’re in school or whether you’re working you have to make time for “other” things that make you happy too. True enough there are some of us out there who are happy with our careers or studies but it is also important to step out of it and look at the other aspects of life. Go out and have fun. Meet up with friends. Travel to your heart’s desire. Stay in bed the whole day on a weekend and read a good book. Watch a movie. Write your blog. Listen to music. Have some fun in the beach. Whatever it is that you are happy or passionate about, do it. Find a creative outlet. I’ve been doing all of these things for quite some time now and it strikes some sort of balance. It’s tough to budget your time. I know that very well but we are all given 24 hours in a day. It’s up to us how to make every second count. 

Thanks so much for answering these questions Anne, especially given your busy schedule!!(Lucky Anne got to go and meet one of her all time favourite bloggers!) 
I think that advice question is fast becoming my favourite, balance is indeed one of the most important aspects of life. :)
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  1. Another great "The Great Unknown" entry! I really am loving this series, it's a great way to get to know someone. So thank you for that.

    Also, I just recently got your e-mail and I have replied to it! Sorry for the lateness of it!

    1. That's all good about the email Jes, I certainly am not super onto it with my emails either! :)

  2. Emma, this series is seriously awesome! I am loving it. It's so cool to see something you told me about a while ago come into being :)


    1. Thanks Meg, it's pretty cool for me too :)

  3. Thanks for having me Emma! It felt like talking to and having a getting-to-know-you session. It would have been better if we enjoyed a cup of coffee or tea and some cake. I'd really really love to meet you in person! Soon hopefully. :) Again thank you so much for being one of the people who inspire me to blog. Keep rocking this series. I'm loving it and I've enjoyed Meg's and Sam's interviews.

    Lovelots, Anne ♥

    1. Gosh I would have loved it if we conducted this interview over tea and cake instead of via email! :)

  4. Beautiful pictures and so pretty you, Emma!! Loved your blog! :)

    Well I was wondering if we could follow each other via bloglovin, gfc, instagram, twitter, facebook and g+? Do visit my blog and let me know where you follow and I will follow back right away!! :)


  5. Reading about uni stresses me out but that's beside the point... I LOVE this series.

    1. Reading about uni stresses me out too, but I figure that it is balanced by what I'm learning from reading it. It makes me very happy that you love this series, thank-you :)


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