Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Apologies and explanations

I will not be posting anything on here until the 5th of July.
And I know that there are so many people that take blog hiatus's (not sure if that's the right plural but we'll roll with it), but I really need it. And it's not for long.
Here is why. In next week I have a huge history research assignment and report due. Tonight I had a dance performance, and then on Friday we have a school performing arts competition (in which I will be a flute playing teapot!). On top of all this I have rehearsals four times a week for a musical that I'm in that we will be performing in a couple of weeks. Plus other normal school and life stuff.
That is why, despite the fact that I love blogging and will struggle with not posting, that is why I won't be posting anything on here until the 5th (or thereabouts).
I hope that you guys have lots of fun days, but also calm days, and days where you feel completely awesome! See you soon.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Great Unknown - Amy

What subjects did you take in your last year of school? What were your favourite subjects?
In my last year of school I studied English, Maths, Science, Religious studies, and French (all mandatory) then by choice I also studied Textiles, Art and Health & Social Care. Hands down Art and Textiles were my favourite subjects. I love drawing and making things. Any spare time I have these days consists of being creative!

What did you do in your first year after leaving school?
After leaving secondary school I went straight to college, I done a Diploma in Children’s care, learning and development. I loved the freedom that came along with being a college student and met one of my best friends on my course, we had so many laughs together and helped each other to get through the long essays.

Did you do any tertiary education? If so, what was it?
After college I decided not to go to university unlike most of my friends. My mind was set on going travelling, and to do that I needed money! So that made my decision easy. I got a job, saved up and I’m now counting down the days till I travel across America! 49 days to go!

If you have had more than one job since you left school, what were they?
After leaving school I got a job working in a hairdressers on a saturday. Mostly taking appointments, making cups of tea, washing and drying hair, that sort of thing. After working there for about a year I went on to get another job working in retail. Totally wasn’t for me! I was terribly slow working on the till, I always seemed to have the longest queue.
How pretty is she, and how beautiful are those tulips guys?! I wish it was spring :)

What job are you doing at the moment and what does it entail? Do you enjoy it?
Straight after leaving college I got a job working in a private day care setting as a nursery nurse. I was working with children from birth to 6 years old. After nearly 3 years there I decided I wanted a change so wrote to all the schools within my area and applied for a few upcoming posts. Luckily a nearby school took a chance on me! I’m now currently working in a nursery school as a teaching assistant. This is mostly supporting the teacher and children during learning and carrying out group activities. I do enjoy it, although I cannot wait for the day I become a housewife/ stay at home mom. (Which is a while off yet considering I’m only 21!)

What job do you want to be doing at the moment?
I am currently attending college once a week to complete a photography course. I love it and would like to see myself being a wedding photographer sometime in the distant future. But I’m not worrying about that right now, I know I’m in safe hands so will follow whatever path that has been chosen for me.

Do you have any regrets? Or any advice?
Knowing what I know now, if I could re-do my life I would not choose to go into childcare again. (Due to my health and personal issues) I can’t bring myself to say I ‘regret’ any of my decisions because throughout my life I have gotten to meet people who are my friends for life. At the time I thought childcare was the right path to take because it was sensible, there will always be jobs available. But now I realise I should have went with my heart (as cheesy as that sounds) and followed my passion (Art & Textiles) even though the outcome wouldn’t have been as clear.

Thanks so much for this interview Amy!! I found it very interesting to read about someone who is a bit further into their life, and their career. I hope that you are able to do what you want to do in the future, and that you have lots of fun getting there! :)
These posts will return to Wednesday next week, I just had a big choir competition this week. I hope your week is going swimmingly :)

Monday, 9 June 2014

Melbourne weekend (and blog birthday!!!)

It almost feels as if it were a dream, and now I have returned to reality.

Meg and Sam impersonating pelicans :)

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Great Unknown - Jes

This wonderful photo was taken by the lovely Meg

What subjects did you take in your last year of school? What were your favourite subjects?
Wow, it feels like it has been forever since I’ve left school, so you’re testing my memory here, but I believe I took: English, History, Legal Studies, Accounting and Media. I actually disliked my last year of school mostly because I didn’t really like the subjects I elected for, however; I think Media would have to be my favourite. I felt as though I done well academically in the class and understood majority of the work which was set for us.

What did you do in your first year after leaving school?
My first year after leaving school I went straight to University doing a Diploma in Counselling.

Did you do any tertiary education? If so, what was it?
Yes. I am currently doing my Bachelor of Applied Social Science, which is linked in with my Diploma of Counselling. I will be doing my Bachelor for another two years. Then I am finished!

If you have had more than one job since you left school, what were they?
Unfortunately no. I haven’t had a job since I have left school due to the workload at University. However, I am currently looking for a job! But no luck.

What job do you want to be doing at the moment?
To be completely honest with you, at this very moment, I would love to do something based around blogging, but it’s only a dream at the moment. I don’t actually know if I can even turn blogging into a full-time job that will support me in the future. Otherwise, considering I am studying my Bachelor of Applied Social Science and have already completed my Diploma of Counselling, I am working towards being a youth counsellor. Which is exciting, but I know it’ll be a challenge.

Do you have any regrets? Or any advice?
I try not to regret anything in life. I am a big believer in “everything happens for a reason”. Advice I would give would be to live your life to your own definition of fullest. By fullest I don’t mean go sky diving if you’re terribly afraid of heights, or adventure around the world if you can’t financially support yourself to do so, but by living to your own definition of fullest I mean to do what makes you happy every day. Do what you love every day and you will be living your life to the fullest. Also, remember you’re beautiful in your own unique way. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Thank-you very much Jes! This is a day late, I apologise, both me and Jes are a bit snowed under at the moment. I actually completely forgot about it yesterday!
This post was a bit special because I just met Jes on the weekend (post soon, see above) and I know that wherever she goes in life, she will do it wonderfully because she is such a wonderful person. :)

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