Monday, 9 June 2014

Melbourne weekend (and blog birthday!!!)

It almost feels as if it were a dream, and now I have returned to reality.

Meg and Sam impersonating pelicans :)

So, over here, there was a little studio and people were taking lots of pictures, which we thought was funny because we had been taking so many photos, but without a studio. Ok, it's hard to explain. :)

When Meg got stuck on the other side of the road :)

The buildings were so tall! I kept looking up and then walking into things!

So, last weekend, in a very fortunate turn of events, I was able to meet the beautiful Sam, Jes and Meg!
First things first, I would consider myself averagely tall, but I felt like a giant around these girls. There must be something in the water in Australia! (seriously, go look at Sam's post, I am like a head taller than all of them)
We had the loveliest day, beginning in St Kilda with juice and pita bread with dips. We then went to the wharf at Half Moon Bay (I think?), before going to Brighton Beach, with all of the cute little sheds.
After that Meg's dad very kindly drove us back into the centre, where we walked around the streets, and had a late lunch/early dinner, because they had all woken up very early with excitement, and I was running two hours ahead! As we were wandering around, I kept on falling behind, just looking at things and not realising they'd moved on, and they'd be like, where's Emma gone? and turn around to see me just figuring out that they weren't still with me. That's probably why I have so many pictures of their backs :)
 We talked about everything and nothing. Each of them was so kind, and funny, and really, quite like how I expected them to be, just more!! A good word to describe that day was comfortable. We were comfortable in each other's company, comfortable taking pictures all the time, because we were all bloggers. Comfortable is a surprising word I guess, given that, apart from Meg and Jes who had already met, we were essentially meeting strangers off the internet. But it felt like I had known them for so long already.
This is what I love most about blogging, the connections. And what is most awesome is that today, my blog is one year old. I don't think that there is any way that I would have imagined that that is what I would be doing now back then. Blogging is a wonderful thing, and I am so thankful that I get to be a part if it. I wish I could meet all of you guys, but alas, the world is quite big.

ps. I have about 250 posts to read on my bloglovin feed, I just have so many things happening at the moment, so I'll be there soon. :)


  1. Yay! So happy to finally see your post Emma. :)

    "Your" camera is actually quite good. I do enjoy your photographs, and I am especially happy that you enjoyed your day.

    And happy year birthday! hehe.

  2. haha so when I first saw the picture of Sam and I being pelicans, it literally made my life.
    I laughed in public and it was great.

    I love you Emma! I am so grateful to have had this day, and this opportunity, and here is to unexpectedly great friendships! xx

  3. Congrats Emma! All of you girls look so pretty and happy. Gosh I wish I was there too... :) Anyway, were you using your new camera here? Your shots are divine. It makes me want to get one too since mine seems to be faltering already. Old age perhaps. This is probably my favorite post to date. I love how completely relaxed all the pictures are and your faces look as if you have known each other forever. I've scrolled through Sam's post to look for a group photo (I'll be excitedly reading it up as soon as I finish typing my lengthy message). You are indeed tall! I hope you don't mind Emma. How tall are you really? It's funny 'coz here in the Philippines I'm taller than average. 5'7" to be exact. How about you? :D

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

  4. it's wonderful to see bloggers meeting each and such. I have only met one blogger in new york and that was kind of frightful in the beginning but it ended well.

    I think a year is a long while in blogland as I always think a week feels like a month in blogland. happy blog anniversary. may you enjoy every day with happiness and lots of sunshine.

    have a wonderful day.

  5. Looks like you had an awesome time away. You're so incredibly lucky to have such good 'internet friends' and to be able to finally meet them! Congrats on one year! That still feels ages away for me!
    Best of luck for the next year Emma!

  6. Love this and Love you!!! :) missing ya x


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