Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wednesday's thoughts

Recently I have become rather disillusioned with some childhood certainties.

When you are a child there are some things that are a constant in your life, that you can always rely on. I think when you start to realise that these things aren't always true, that is when you start to grow up.

It starts when you realise that Santa and the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny aren't real. Then you leave primary school, and realise that it wasn't the centre of the world. When you are a bit older again, you will realise that your primary school teachers weren't always right and all knowing, and that perhaps they sometimes were a bit harsh, or too strict for primary school.

And then you realise that your parents aren't always right. This comes at different ages for different people, but it is shocking and perhaps a bit uprooting when you come to this realisation. It means that you have to be an independent person, and form your own opinions and beliefs, because you have realised that you can't rely on your parents to dictate them to you.

And I have also become disillusioned with the idea of adulthood. The idea of it that you had as a little child, that when you are an adult you will know everything. Including what you want to do in life, and how to be confident and what to do when things go wrong. Ironically, we are probably at our most confident before the age of ten. Because at that stage of your life, the world is surrounded by the safety net of innocence and ignorance.
I am by no means an adult, I mean, I am not even legally an adult yet (which is at 18 in NZ, in case you were wondering). But I have realised that you don't all of a sudden become an adult, that it creeps up on you over time.

Adulthood I like to think of more as a percentage. I am probably about 22% adult, because I know how to cook dinner, even if I don't do it, and other such trivial reasons. But I far prefer to think of it as being 78% child.

So, how much child or adult are you?


  1. oh wow. this is wonderful. i love this. but i wonder... do we ever really grow up? this is something i've been pondering for a while. sure we gain more knowledge and wisdom and learn more about life, but i'm beginning to think that we're all just taller, scarred little kids with a full mind of responsibilities, masquerading as what we think an 'adult' is. i don't know... just a thought.

  2. I love this blog post and what you are saying here. I think adulthood is so hard and I would LOVE to be a child again. Or even just a teenager in school. The real world is so difficult and scary and I definitely think I am no where near 100% adult and hence I don't feel ready to face the real world just yet!

    Sinead - Dreaming Again

    1. Also, I tagged you in my latest post if you'd like to check it out :) - Blogger Love Tag

    2. Thanks for tagging me Sinead, I am just going to check it out now, sorry it took me so long to get around to it! Also, the real world is so big, I am quite daunted by it too!

  3. Loving your new blog design! :D
    and I think for me personally it depends who I'm with. If I don't have to be the adult or the responsible one, then I'll stay a child or childlike. But it certain situations I have to be the responsible one and then you definitely won't see me acting like a child. But to put it in percentages, I'm probably 40% adult and 60% child. And legally I'm already an adult, been that for almost a year now. Even though it doesn't feel like it :D

    xo Grace

  4. This actually kind of made me laugh. Because well, it does suck when you realise your parents aren't perfect, and that finishing High School doesn't make you successful. But it's kind of fun because all notions of adulthood get thrown out the window at some point and you just have to laugh at yourself and know you aren't alone and 10 year olds will show more maturity than you at times.
    It's really hard to feel like an adult when you still live at home but I think I'm a solid 55% these days :P

    Being a good adult doesn't make you a good person, and you Emma, are 100% a good person at heart. But I think 22% before you even turn 18 is a fair effort!


  5. i go through the adult disillusionment quite often! it sometimes hits me and i get a little panicked that i don't have the things i should typically have at 24, but most of the time i'm ok with it!

    from helen at // blog sale

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  6. This post is so true, I love the way you have worded your thoughts so perfectly and make it so everyone can understand what you're talking about, I find it so hard to word my thoughts! But everything about this I agree with and I love this post :) even though it does kind of make me feel 'woah' because well yeah, but I love it :)x

    1. Thank-you Libby, your comment came at just the right time :)

  7. Perfectly articulated - that's what I surely applaud of your thoughts. :)
    I think the high-acclaimed perception of growing up, right from when we are young, is falsely conveyed. I blame a lot of the media for it, haha (quite truthfully!) I've always worried a lot about how much 'adult' I'm going to be comprised of in the future, but I realised that young at heart is never a bad thing. Most people would want to hold onto their inner youth for all its worth, I think I'd be one of them. There's nothing wrong with either, to each their own indeed. The best is probably just a combination of the two!

    1. Oh and also, do keep up with the thought-writing! I genuinely appreciate real thoughts and words from fellow bloggers. A rare thing to come by these days. x

    2. Just because you said that, I will keep up with the thought writing. Perhaps I will make it a regular thing! We'll have to wait and see :)

  8. I love the way you said that -- being an adult doesn't happen all at once, it just sort of creeps up on you. I've never felt really like an adult, but I don't feel like a child, either. Is there an in-between land? I suppose being a mother makes me feel more grown up, and I find myself wondering where that wild, wonderful imagination of a child went. It's still with me, but more refined and restrained now.
    So, being a mama, being married, having what I consider to be a "grown up" job... I guess I'm probably at least 50% adult. But I hope I never get too much adult. Everyone should retain a little bit of their childish self, I think, especially that sense of wonderment and the rampant imagination that children have.
    By the way, I was definitely the child who told other kids that Santa was not real. I made my cousin cry because I never believed in Santa. We were five. I was determined to be right, and I think it crushed her world a little bit. Ha!


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