Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Great Unknown - Kristina

What subjects did you take in your last year of (high)school? What were your favourite subjects?
My last year of highschool... oh goodness, that was so long ago (nearly ten years, since I graduated early). I was home-schooled, but I also took classes outside of home, and I remember my English/writing classes with much fondness. I think in my last year of school we went through Hamlet, and read it out loud, and I was Ophelia. It was so much fun!

What did you do in your first year after leaving school? 
My first year after school, I was eighteen and I think we had just moved from Washington state to New Mexico, which is 1,469 miles away. While we were there, I worked on a construction site, made one of my best friends when we bonded randomly singing Phantom of the Opera at a young adults function, and started posting my stories online under the penname Maranwe Telrunya/Mara

Did you do any tertiary education? If so, what was it? 
I never did; I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do, nor did I have money for schooling after highschool, so I never gathered more education. I thought about going to college for writing, or cosmetology school for makeup artistry, though.

If you have had more than one job since you left school, what were they? 
I’ve had several since -- the first one I already mentioned, as a construction site laborer where I would mask windows for painters, clean paint out of carpets, sweep floors, caulk seams, and do all sorts of menial construction tasks. Then, I worked at Hallmark as a cashier (and while it was a good job, it wasn’t for me); then I tried a short and very unsuccessful stint as a Mary Kay consultant; then back to Hallmark, where a man walked in and told me I should apply for a job at his new coffee stand -- I did and got the job. After working there for a time, we moved again, this time to Mississippi, and I didn’t work while we were gone. THEN we came back to Washington and I got another job at a coffee stand where I was barista and manager, and eventually I quit that job to become a secretary at a construction office... and then quit that job for my current post.

What job are you doing at the moment and what does it entail? Do you enjoy it? 
Currently, I work part-time as a coupon editor, which is quite an easy job. It’s very repetitive, but I enjoy it as it’s a nice, predictable routine and it allows me to work from home. And, if you can call it a job, I’m also a mother and a housewife. Which I love!

What job do you want to be doing at the moment? 
I would love to be a published author, and have that be a source of income! Or, have my blog bring in the income, but that would require a lot more work than I can do right now! But otherwise, I’d love to be a full-time mama and wife (aka, not have to work at all); I’ve wanted to be a mother and a wife since I was five.

Do you have any regrets? Or any advice? 
I may always regret not answering my grandma’s last phonecall to me before she died a week later. I still have her voicemail on my phone, and I haven’t been able to listen to it. Because of that, I think my advice now would not be to live without regrets, but to live so that you won’t have regrets. Do the thing you’ve been aching to do. Let the people you love know that you love them. Travel to the places you dream of going. Jump at the opportunities you would normally let pass you by. Live, love, and have faith fully, and do what your heart wants to do. Live so that you will have no regrets.

Thank-you Kristina!!! Kristina is the most lovely lady, and I love her blog because even though I don't have a very similar life to her, reading one of her posts is just like you're having a chat with her over coffee. Plus, she has the cutest wee boy! It was so interesting to hear from someone who didn't go to uni or anything, and she still gets to have a wonderful life. :)


  1. What a wonderful interview and great pictures!


  2. It's so nice to hear from someone who is a little bit longer out of school and has accumulated a little more wisdom :)

    1. I know, I was so pleased when Kristina said she would do the interview, because I was also keen to hear from someone who has had a little longer to get to know the world. :)

  3. good advice on living so you would not have any regrets, now if only I can follow that, than things would be a lot better. good interview.

    have a great day.

    1. Hmm, yes, things would certainly be a lot better if we could manage that. :)

  4. Oh, Emma, I completely forgot to check back for this! Thank you so much for interviewing me, it was so lovely!


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