Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Update and a promise

Hello again

You know when there is so much that you want to do, so you just end up doing none of it? That's me at the moment.

My amazing friend just also had a wee while off blogging, but then she produced one of the most vulnerable, heartwarming and courageous posts I have read, so I feel she was justified.

I, on the other hand, have been dealing with things internally that aren't really visible or quantifiable, but I have been busy.

Recently I have started writing everyday, and it is actually easier than it seems, you just have to sit down and do it. I have an A4 sized book, and I just write one page a day, sometimes it is a poem, sometimes it is a story, sometimes it follows on from another day, but it is such a good way of expressing everything bubbling around in my brain.

I am promising to you that my final great unknown post will be coming soon, so you can look forward to that. I know what I'm doing next year now, because I'm in my final year of high-school at the moment, and I can't wait to tell you all!!!

So, until then, eat cake and be merry!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Welcome to week 40

I hope that your last week was a good one.

Mine was. Tiring, but good.

Next to Normal is finished now, and I'm sad. But it certainly felt like we achieved what we set out to do, which was raise more awareness for mental health in our local community.

I'm going to miss spending everyday with some of the greatest people I know, though.

These are a few things that I have been looking at while I have been avoiding sorting out my life, but more on that soon. ;)

An article entitled Dear New Photographer, that while encouraging to a budding photographer, is also encouraging to any budding artist.

An awesome site that finds your photos on the web and helps you to check that no one is stealing your images!

I want to make these so badly... it will probably happen very soon. :)

I have also discovered the joys of Instagram!! I would love to follow more people, so please let me know who you are on Instagram. :)

This website that explains the movie Inception by way of amazing graphics!

And after so, so much searching, I have finally found the New Zealand blogging community! :)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How it all started: Musical Theatre

This is It's Leli's "how it all started" game, which I think is wonderful, and I have finally had the time to get around to and do.

 photo flowerline_zpsad90f4f0.jpg
Credit to my (very skilled photographer) friend Philip :)

It all started not that long ago, when I was 14. My friends and I volunteered to help with our school production of Fame by way of doing the lighting (with a teacher to help us of course). We sat up the back of the hall, an exclusive little club, yet all feeling a little excluded when we heard the cast warming up, and wondering at all of their in-jokes on our coveted trips backstage. The was the first time I had been a part of a musical, and I wanted to be on stage. Not that I would admit that to myself, when the opportunity came up to do the Sound of Music, I nearly didn't do it out of modesty and saying, oh, I don't really mind if I do it or not. The Sound of Music was the first time I was actually in a musical, and I loved it. I was only in the chorus, but there was the buzz of going onstage, and making new friends with the other cast members, and my fun little role of being the lady at the concert who continues to bow long after the clapping has ceased.

The next year was in a musical called Cats, which was a great musical, but I didn't enjoy it that much, because the cast of this one was very exclusively divided into principals and chorus, and most of the chorus were younger than me, but anyway, I sort of just skip over that one. But that musical took me to Tami, who is one of the most wonderful people I know, and started up her own performing arts school, which makes Mondays the highlight of my week. And this meant that I got to do Next to Normal this year, which has probably been the highlight of my year. I now know way more than the average person about musical theatre, but nowhere near as much as many of my friends.

So all of these things built up over time, and now I am a lover of musical theatre. Funny how things, just little things, if they happen at the right time in your life, can mean that you grow to love something.

 photo flowerline_zpsad90f4f0.jpgHere the original post to see how it all works, and these are the people I want to tag;
I hope you guys have a wonderful week, I have been having quite a busy one, so posts will return to normal next week. :)

ps. I now have an Instagram!!!!! So exciting!!!!! :)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Great Unknown - Rajrupa

What subjects did you take in your last year of school? What were your favourite subjects?
I had taken up all science subjects because I was aiming to study computers later. So I had Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computers.

What did you do in your first year after leaving school?
Well, within three months of leaving high school, college started! The next 4 years were gone studying Computer Engineering. During the third year we had a campus recruitment drive. Got a job then. Within two months of finishing college my company wanted me to join the job! So I did. My life is one long line with no break at all.

Did you do any tertiary education? If so, what was it?
Well, computers.

If you have had more than one job since you left school, what were they?
The one job I have is enough to drive me insane. I work 50-60 hours a week at least . So no, there’s no scope or will for another.

What job are you doing at the moment and what does it entail? Do you enjoy it?
The same job since I left college. Designing and writing computer programs! It’s gruelling, but yes I love it.

What job do you want to be doing at the moment?
I want to be living in an island of coconut grove in a small wooden cabin. I would sip coconut water while writing the next book of my hugely successful book series. That’s my ultimate dream job.

Do you have any regrets? Or any advice?
The only regret I sometime have (not always though) is - if only I had taken a break before college and travelled more. I love knowing people and seeing new places and it would have been a perfect opportunity!

Thanks Rajrupa! This was a very short and sweet interview, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's amazing how every blogger has such a different story. :)

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