Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How it all started: Musical Theatre

This is It's Leli's "how it all started" game, which I think is wonderful, and I have finally had the time to get around to and do.

 photo flowerline_zpsad90f4f0.jpg
Credit to my (very skilled photographer) friend Philip :)

It all started not that long ago, when I was 14. My friends and I volunteered to help with our school production of Fame by way of doing the lighting (with a teacher to help us of course). We sat up the back of the hall, an exclusive little club, yet all feeling a little excluded when we heard the cast warming up, and wondering at all of their in-jokes on our coveted trips backstage. The was the first time I had been a part of a musical, and I wanted to be on stage. Not that I would admit that to myself, when the opportunity came up to do the Sound of Music, I nearly didn't do it out of modesty and saying, oh, I don't really mind if I do it or not. The Sound of Music was the first time I was actually in a musical, and I loved it. I was only in the chorus, but there was the buzz of going onstage, and making new friends with the other cast members, and my fun little role of being the lady at the concert who continues to bow long after the clapping has ceased.

The next year was in a musical called Cats, which was a great musical, but I didn't enjoy it that much, because the cast of this one was very exclusively divided into principals and chorus, and most of the chorus were younger than me, but anyway, I sort of just skip over that one. But that musical took me to Tami, who is one of the most wonderful people I know, and started up her own performing arts school, which makes Mondays the highlight of my week. And this meant that I got to do Next to Normal this year, which has probably been the highlight of my year. I now know way more than the average person about musical theatre, but nowhere near as much as many of my friends.

So all of these things built up over time, and now I am a lover of musical theatre. Funny how things, just little things, if they happen at the right time in your life, can mean that you grow to love something.

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I hope you guys have a wonderful week, I have been having quite a busy one, so posts will return to normal next week. :)

ps. I now have an Instagram!!!!! So exciting!!!!! :)


  1. Glad you got around to doing it! Loved reading! :)
    And it is crazy how the little things can grow a passion over time!

  2. oh! that photo. that's just so cute, i just love all the smiles and it looks like you're having great fun.
    the last paragraph about things building up over time is so true.
    you go, girl :)

    1. Thanks Abigail!!!! That photo is possibly one of my favourite photos ever, so many people I love in one shot!

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  4. I love that you love musical theatre, and that you have something so happy in your life, especially this year while you're studying!
    What a beautiful fun photo! I hope it all goes off without a hitch! xx

    1. It's going wonderfully, thank-you, I'm so grateful that we got to revive the show. :)

  5. Fame was by far one of my favourite local perfomances! I also really enjoyed Les Mis and The Sound of Music, both of which were in 2012! :)


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