Saturday, 28 February 2015

In between the lines of February

Salutations friends!

I think we all know that Instagram isn't an accurate representation of someone's life, but then again, it isn't really meant to be.

I think of Instagram as a way to capture the beautiful moments of my day, and it helps me to notice things that I otherwise wouldn't.

But despite the fact that we know Instagram isn't an accurate representation of someone's life, I think that sometimes we can forget this, and get a little hung up thinking that everyone has a better, prettier life than we do. And sometimes we just need a little reminder that it isn't this way.

So I'm starting a monthly series called 'in between the lines', which I thought of about five minutes ago and am now committing to do all year, so we'll see how this goes. :) I'm going to tell you the story behind each of my Instagram photos of that month, to show that my life is just as crazy and messy as yours is.

This isn't to say that I have a bad life, I certainly don't, but it is merely to show that the pictures aren't necessarily what they seem.

4th February
This video (well it's a video on Instagram) was taken on the way home from work, and it was boiling hot, and I was slightly afraid that one of the cicadas was going to fall on me or fly at me.

9th February
This photo was also taken on the walk home from work, and it was also very hot, and I was completely exhausted after working on my feet for 8 hours and then walking uphill home.

18th February
Also on the walk home from work, just like the other days I was exhausted and boiling hot. That sun that looks really pretty? I wished it was behind a really big cloud.

20th February
I took this photo while in town doing last minute jobs I had to get done before leaving in two days to University, so I was feeling a bit nostalgic over my home town.

22nd February
This was taken on the plane as I left home to go to University, which was exciting, but also incredibly nerve-wracking and scary, because of the fact that I really didn't know what to expect. This was the day I headed off into the Great Unknown.

24th February
This is the view from my university, but not however a view that I get to see that much. Also, getting this view means that going into town is quite a trek up and down a very steep hill!

26th February
This is one of the buildings at my university, and it is old and beautiful. However, it is the only building that looks like this. All of the other buildings are not old and beautiful, they are in fact fairly average.

26th February
This photo is in fact as it appears. I have made some wonderful friends since starting university, and I'm sure I'll make more, although I did take while to find people who were similar to me, and I did have a little bit of a freak out that I was never going to find anyone similar to me, and with whom I had common interests.

So this has been my February; I have been a busy bean as you can see. 

Starting university was really huge, and I still can't really believe that I am actually here and doing this. It is all very surreal, and I sort of am just doing it and not thinking too hard about it, because when I do I don't feel as if I am nearly old or wise enough to have left home.

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