Monday, 30 March 2015

How to wait (confidently)

Salutations friends!

The other day someone said to me that they always feel as if people shouldn't look on their phones while they wait, because they look far more self-assured when they just stand there and own the fact they are waiting.

This made me start thinking about our phones, and how much of a social crutch they have become. We use them at any time when we are unoccupied, because it seems now that in our western society you must be doing something at all times. The idea I suppose is that we shouldn't be wasting time, or that if we aren't visibly doing something then we aren't using our time wisely.

However, there is a lot to be said for just daydreaming and letting your mind wander. It helps you to process your day and your life in general, doing nothing. It's actually a good and healthy thing to do, to just sit there and do absolutely nothing for a while.

I think that we look at our phones while we wait because we are worried about what people will think of us; we feel embarrassed to be waiting in a way. We feel as if we are at fault, and are somehow in the wrong because we, or whoever we are meeting, aren't perfectly on time. Or we think that our friend has perhaps forgotten about us, or we have a compulsive need to check the bus timetable again even though that won't make the bus arrive any sooner.

But in fact everyone waits for things all the time, it is such a normal part of life. So I urge you to wait confidently, and put your phone away. Trust that what or whoever you are waiting for will come, and let your mind rest for these spare moments that you have. Look around at the world, what is everyone else doing today? Look up, at the buildings or the trees, have you ever looked up at them before?
Enjoy the moment, be present.

Ps. Please bear with my photography for a bit. I borrowed a friends camera to take these photos, and I am experimenting with photos that are actually relevant to the post I'm making, but thanks to Hazel for being such a gem and letting me photograph her and use her camera.

Pps. I have decided I'm bringing back salutations as a greeting (not that I don't do it already, but it's a thing now). It's happening. #salutations2k15


  1. Aaaah very well said Emma! I must admit that I'm guilty about this. Whenever I meetup with anyone and they don't arrive on time, I often tend to have my phone at the ready for two things. First, to check up on any messages and second, as you've mentioned in this post. Thanks for the reminder Em. I'll keep this in mind and be confident about staring and marveling at my surroundings next time. It just struck me that I don't often daydream with many people around. I often do it during my me/alone time instead. :)

  2. I don't check my phone often and so I have not gotten into the habit of checking it unless I need to know the time. and you are right - waiting is a task and we should try to enjoy it. I suppose we are so used to multi-tasking that when we wait, it does seems like we're doing nothing. I do think people has this need to be always occupied even while waiting for a bus. we should try to loose that habit, or at least enjoy some free time roaming instead of doing.

    hope you have a lovely day.

  3. That's a good observation, Emma. You do have a point, for sure.

    I check my phone because, well, you're right. I don't like waiting, and I do like being occupied. And because I sometimes feel uncomfortable when people approach me, so I try and make myself seem occupied.

    p.s. I mentioned you in one of my posts on my Life, Lately! ;) haha.

  4. You're definitely right. Most people have to be on their phone when they are alone or unoccupied. I think they worry that people will think they're a loner or something? it's pretty odd. I do sometimes wish that we weren't all attached to our phones and lived in the moment a bit more.

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

  5. Salutations! I'm on my phone wayyyy too much. It's actually a problem. I'm trying to take steps to cut down though so I can take in the world around me more. Thanks for the reminder Em, you're the best x


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