Tuesday, 11 August 2015

100th post (day 1)

Here we are.

100 posts.

It is now August, and I haven't posted for two months.

But I'm still here.

University, it's big, you know?

There are so many people to see, and things to do, experiences to have, mistakes to make. Crushes and colouring-in, dancing and drinking, eating and exploring. This bizarre mix of childhood dreams that we can now fulfil without grown-ups there to tell us not to, and adult realities.

On the same day doing grocery shopping and making sure we have time to do the laundry, and then that night making a blanket fort and eating all the chocolate we can find.

Working late into the night, or solidly all weekend to get our work done, and making fairy bread as a study snack.

Volunteering for a high-school competition on the same day as the ball and then rushing to get ready in time together, listening to Disney soundtracks, dashing around with shoes in hand and dress hitched like a princess from the music we are listening to.

Nearly getting blown over while running through town to a seminar on global leadership in the Railway Station.

Making music videos to promote energy saving by sneaking around campus late at night.

Meeting the Deputy Prime Minister of Slovakia. Just. What even.

Being able to wear nail polish all the time because there is no longer a school dress code.

Meeting one of our most favourite people ever and getting to listen to them play live, because we live in the big city now.

Playing hopscotch on the waterfront and then going grocery shopping (again).

Spontaneously inviting new friends around and jamming in the music room, just because we can.

Going for walks in the evening, exploring the world of the big city.

And somehow in all of this, my blog has got lost. It is something that I am so proud of, and have put so much effort into, and I want all of you to experience my journey too.

I am stumbling through the great unknown at the moment, and I want to share this with you.
Everyday here I discover something new, or learn something I had no idea about.
There is something quite marvellous about being surrounded by people who are all so enthusiastic and fascinated by learning.

So, in celebration of 100 posts, this week I am going to be posting every night.
I'm coming back guys!

These posts might not be my greatest work ever, but they will be something, and hopefully they will help me to get back into the blogging groove.

I've missed you guys,


  1. sounds like you're enjoying life and that's always a good thing. hope you have many more great experiences.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Thank-you Lissa, I really am enjoying life. :)

  2. This is really so cool! I've been in the same boat myself, you describe it so perfectly. But it's also good to be out living life and such, even if a few online things suffer for it. Excited about this posting every night thing, that's very cool. And my I just take a moment to say you look absolutely radiant.

    1. Yay! I'm excited that you're excited, because I'm excited too!!!

  3. You have been missed Em! I'm so glad that uni is looking great! These are really lovely photos. :)

  4. I started out reading your blog for the floor secret admirer thing - and I'm so glad I did. It's been really refreshing reading about the year from your perspective, and it got me thinking about just how momentous it all was. Getting to know people and even becoming central to their lives in such a short amount of time. Doing things you'd never dreamed you'd do a year ago, and for those things to even become natural parts of everyday life (all-nighters, anyone?) And just living every moment in the moment, enabling us to look back now and think, 'Wow, what a year that was.'
    What I'm trying to say is thanks for the year we shared, Emma. It looks like you enjoyed it just as much as I did :)

    1. Thanks Etienne, it really has been an incredible year. :)


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