Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A day in the life of a uni student (day 2)

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0815 - Wake up. Stumble out of bed and down the corridor to have a shower.

0840 - Stumble in a slightly more awake fashion down to breakfast, make a piece of toast to go and have a drink while the bread is toasting.

0850 - Leave the hall of residence, braced for the bitterly cold wind with a big scarf and coat.

 photo arrow_zpsygmpx8nb.png0900 - Sit down in the blissfully warm lecture theatre for 50 minutes.

0954 - Leave the lecture theatre, because the lecturer ran overtime, again.

1000 - Arrive in the tutorial room, out of breath from dashing across the road to make it on time.

1050 - Leave the tutorial, after learning about the comparative form in German through the use of a golf ball, a blow up Earth and a drawing of the Sun to represent the Solar System.

1100 - Flop onto bed, and watch an episode of a tv series.

 photo music-note_zpskmpgxiye.png1200 - Head down to lunch, desperately hoping that not only does lunch taste good, but also that friends will be at lunch.

1230 - Sit down at desk to study. Snacks nearby and Rent soundtrack playing.

1400 - Wake up from afternoon nap. Run/walk very fast to English tutorial that starts at 1410.

1410 - Find 30 Gothic features in 'Music of the night' from Phantom of the Opera.

1510 - Sit down for a Theatre lecture. Be prepared for anything, including being the heat from an oven to demonstrate an improvisation game.

1610 - Last lecture of the day, English.

1700 - Shake sore hand from writing at a hundred miles a minute. Those English lecturers sure can talk!

1730 - Dinner time! Luckily tonight dinner looks pretty good, spaghetti and meatballs, and very excitingly, broccoli!!! (no sarcasm, broccoli is a cause for celebration now)

1800 - Return to bedroom and finish study for the day.

2030 - Visit friends on another floor, and sit in the common room semi-watching reality tv shows, semi chatting about anything and everything.

2130 - Watch another episode (or two) of netflix, and read before falling asleep.

Rinse and repeat. :)

ps. I''m actually doing this! Day two and going strong. :) pretty pictures from here.

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