Thursday, 13 August 2015

Attitude is everything (day 4)


For me, attitude is a huge part of my view on life. Having a good attitude towards things I have to do helps me to enjoy what I might not otherwise enjoy.

And I know this is a contentious idea that many people don't subscribe to, because they don't believe you can change how you feel about something, and that emotions aren't something that can just be switched on and off. Yet, this idea is littered throughout our culture.

"Fake it 'til you make it!"
"It's all in the perspective!"
"To be happy is a choice we make!"

I think it helps to view this idea in a scenario.

The other day, a friend and I had a seminar in town, about half an hour's walk away walking quickly. It was at the train station in fact! But anyway, the weather that day was terrible. It was about 8 degrees, but felt like 3 degrees with the wind chill, stormy, spitting, and extremely windy. This was the day that one of my friends on campus was dragged back up a hill by a metre when the wind picked up the guitar she was carrying and lifted it into the air. The sort of wind where you not only can, but have to lean into it to cross the street.

Now, the way I saw it we had three options. Number one, we could not go, write it off and desperately hope that another compulsory seminar came up sometime soon. Number two, we could go, but complain bitterly the whole time about how awful it was and how much we wanted to be back in our rooms with blankets and the heater on. Or number three, we could treat it as a great adventure, because how often do we get to experience such incredible weather! Even if it is incredibly stormy.

My friend chose option two, and I chose option three. You can probably imagine who had the better time.

I see attitude as a choice about how I approach a particular experience. By approaching the stormy walk through town as an adventure, I was looking for the excitement and the adrenaline in the situation; the positive elements. While there weren't many, there were some, as there are in every (pretty much, I mean, barring extremes) situation.

I'm not saying that having a positive attitude towards something will immediately make you happy about it, but I have to say, looking for the positives in life sure helps.

Do you guys also do this? How do you feel about the whole positive attitude thing?
I know that it really helps me, but some people I know think that it is a ridiculous and even harmful notion.


  1. That's a good way to see things! I try to keep a positive attitude but in my head I'm always complaining but I at least I'm trying ahha x

    1. Trying is definitely the most important thing, don't get me wrong haha, I love a good complain upon occasion. :)


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