Friday, 23 October 2015

12 'Open when...' letter ideas for friends

Salutations all!

In my hall of residence we had this activity recently called 'Secret Admirer', which has been lots of fun. We were given the name of someone in the hall who we didn't know very well, with their favourite colour, snacks and music/films/books, with instructions to shower them in love for a week.

I decided to make a series of letter for my admiree, using the template of the 'open when...' letters. I have seen lots of ideas for this on Pinterest, but most of them are for significant others, and I wanted to do it for someone that I didn't really know at all. 
So I had to be a bit more creative, and I thought I would share what I did, for other people who want to use this cool gift idea for people other than their significant other.

So here are my 'open when' ideas for friends/acquaintances:

1. OPEN WHEN... you want something pretty
    Contains: these cute little polaroids I found

 photo openwhen8_zpsjhmgo7uy.jpg

2. OPEN WHEN... you want a book to read
    Contains: book recommendations

 photo openwhen13_zpszilnhxwu.jpg

3. OPEN WHEN... you are bored
    Contains: fun and quirky websites to visit

 photo openwhen12_zpst31trxny.jpg

4. OPEN WHEN... you want a laugh
    Contains: terrible question and answer jokes that are so bad they are kind of funny :)

 photo openwhen10_zpsmvep7sps.jpg

5. OPEN WHEN... you are worried about the future
    Contains: a list of people who didn't become successful until later in their life

 photo openwhen9_zpsojtiss2p.jpg

6. OPEN WHEN... you need a hug
    Contains: a tea bag and a milo sachet

 photo openwhen5_zpsxiipvpyi.jpg

7. OPEN WHEN... you are hungry
    Contains: a good ol' block of milk chocolate

 photo openwhen4_zpspnm6w8y2.jpg

8. OPEN WHEN... you're about to do the laundry (or go to the vending machine)
    Contains: a $2 coin which is the price for a load of washing here

 photo opeenwhen7_zpslcedbmc7.jpg

9. OPEN WHEN... it is (insert date here)
    Contains: letters of encouragement on the days of her exams. One exam is the same day as her 
    birthday, so I put a birthday card in that one. :)

 photo openwhen6_zpsqpnkxqbe.jpg

10. OPEN WHEN... you've just had a really shit day
      Contains: pictures of Ed Sheeran (her favourite artist) with cats

 photo openwhen11_zpstvxqvytd.jpg

11. OPEN WHEN... you need motivation
      Contains: a whole bunch of motivational quotes I found on Pinterest

 photo openwhen3_zpsvyaisimb.jpg

12. OPEN WHEN... you need motivation (again)
      Contains: a letter saying that she should get back to work and stop reading said letter

 photo openwhen14_zpsledpzjw8.jpg
 photo openwhen15_zpsq0xdufep.jpg

And there you have it!

If you guys have ever made letter like this or if you've ever done the secret admirer thing, let me know!
I had lots of fun doing it, there's something nice about sending happiness and love out into the world without really knowing where it's going or seeing the reaction to it.

I hope your week was good, mine was an interesting mix of studying and blogging. :)


  1. This is such a good idea! Oh my god I want to do this one day for someone, that is so thoughtful and creative of you!!x

    1. Thank-you! You should totally do it, it's so much fun! :)

  2. Oh my goodness Em! Thank you so much! I have been looking for the perfect gift for a friend after having realized that the one I initially planned to give was not available for delivery in her city. You are amazing and I really love these ideas. :)

    1. Haha, you're welcome Anne! I hope that if you do make this for your friend, she loves them too. :)

  3. Em, this is such a great idea. Why hadn't I thought of this?!

    I might have to do something like this soon for somebody. Thanks for the inspiration!

    P.S I've missed catching up on your blog. How are you?! :)

    Naturally Jes

    1. Thanks Jes!!! I've missed catching up on your blog too, I'll have to pop over and have a little squiz :)

  4. I need to do this, stat! I love little sentimental ideas like these.


Thank-you very much for commenting, you just brightened my day. <3

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