Sunday, 25 October 2015

Mount Victoria - Wellington


All year my friends and I have been saying that we must walk up Mount Victoria together, and a couple of weeks ago we finally got around to it.

 photo MountVictoria_zpsaupb2v2h.jpg

It is such a lovely walk that isn't actually too strenuous, with an incredble 360˚ view from the top. I discovered when we reached the top that you can just drive up there, but, let's be real, it is so much more rewarding to walk up.

No matter how many pictures I took, I couldn't seem to capture the incredible view from the top. So just know that these don't do it justice.

Anyway, here are the pictures.
(Yes, there's quite a few, I got a bit trigger happy!)

 photo MtVic3_zpsw6l9mhfk.jpg photo MtVic4_zps6wdnjqui.jpg photo MtVic5_zpsymphcalv.jpg photo MtVic6_zpsrkk0hdsh.jpg photo MtVic7_zps0xkudhei.jpg photo MtVic8_zpszaczjlbf.jpg photo MtVic10_zpskiok4xes.jpg photo MtVic11_zpsxofj3v3u.jpg photo MtVic12_zpsivciucqj.jpg photo MtVic13_zpsffdfnnaq.jpg photo MtVic14_zpsrypmyk5t.jpg photo MtVic15_zpscokzddci.jpg photo MtVic18_zpsge3sluxz.jpg photo MtVic16_zps3cd8txta.jpg photo MtVic17_zpscxcqpfz5.jpg photo MtVic19_zpsw4b5skag.jpg photo MtVic21_zpsm8oktnay.jpg photo MtVic20_zps8meqzh6r.jpg photo MtVic22_zpsxpr1rbuh.jpg photo MtVic23_zpsjsifvunr.jpg photo MtVic24_zpsqlqwpseo.jpg photo MtVic25_zpset21sx7i.jpg photo MtVic26_zpsgsogqnjn.jpg photo MtVic28_zps1gczct81.jpg photo MtVic29_zpsub5qzzzl.jpg photo MtVic30_zpsua1humpn.jpg photo MtVic31_zpseigaqerz.jpg photo MtVic32_zpslozfevcj.jpg photo MtVic33_zpsbsmwpcy3.jpg photo MtVic34_zps5jjuvk30.jpg photo MtVic35_zps8jd6j7n1.jpg photo MtVic36_zpsgwja94ly.jpg photo MtVic38_zps65pvgepg.jpg photo MtVic39_zpswjweodyg.jpg photo MtVic40_zpsegoh4kxl.jpg photo MtVic41_zpshtzwtky5.jpg photo MtVic43_zpsbovnplrt.jpg photo MtVic44_zpsq3wa2x84.jpg photo MtVic45_zpsyletyezt.jpg photo MtVic47_zpsniqfcn8t.jpg photo MtVic48_zpshquw00dn.jpg photo MtVic50_zpsmhiecppz.jpg photo MtVic51_zpsl9cmqbts.jpg photo MtVic52_zpsiisva64b.jpg photo MtVic54_zpsumnxaess.jpg photo MtVic55_zpswqmwkgii.jpg


  1. Ah, these are beautiful.

    So picture-esque.

  2. Beautiful photos!

    xo Ruth

  3. I really enjoyed this post! Have you ever considered getting a Bloglovin account? That way you can follow other bloggers and share posts!

    1. I actually have one! Just beneath the picture of me the is a little icon with a b and a love heart that links to it!


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